What is the Apple Branch?

The Apple Branch is an English Shamanic tradition. We provided an introductory correspondence course for the first time in 2010, and have now included this and more advanced material in an updated book.

Do I need to have done any shamanism before?

No. The book is suitable for people who have never explored shamanism, as well as already experienced practitioners who want to explore a path centred around the countryside and woodland of England.

What is in the book?

The contents list is as below, although the topics within each chapter often cover much more than the titles suggest:

Part One

Chapter One: Discovering the Forest
Chapter Two: Doorways and Crossing
Chapter Three: Animals and Shapeshifting
Chapter Four: The Elements
Chapter Five: Shamanic Tasks, Tools and Magic
Chapter Six: The Spirit Year
Chapter Seven: The Eight Roads
Chapter Eight: Walking the Track

Part Two

Chapter Nine: Advanced Elemental Work
Chapter Ten: Life in the tumble - Inner peace, Ethics, and why you should care
Chapter Eleven: Confronting Fear
Chapter Twelve: Advanced Trance Work
Chapter Thirteen: Calling the Spirits
Chapter Fourteen: Items of Power
Chapter Fifteen: English Weather Lore
Chapter Sixteen: Speaking to the River - Divination from the Heart
Chapter Seventeen: The Forest Vigil


So you're Shamans?

Yes and no. While we're happy to say that what we do is "shamanism" (the word is well-known enough that it doesn't only apply to the Evenk of the Tungska region of Siberia anymore), "Shaman" is still a very specific title in some cultures. Even if you did exactly the same training as they do, you wouldn't be one. We use many other titles in our tradition instead: "spirit-speaker", "journeyer", "walker", "seer" and others.

Why English?

The simple answer is that the tradition grew up here. The nature spirits, elements, trees and animals that it works with were those encountered daily by the people practicing it. It was never deliberately made as an alternative to any other path.

So why share it at all?

Most modern shamanism automatically includes symbols and animals from places people may not feel connected to (my daily life isn't strongly affected by Bison or Jaguar, for example, and I wouldn't properly understand Lakota symbols on drums). This is an alternative which people have got a great deal from in the past, and we wanted to offer it to a wider audience.

To be clear: our members have a lot of respect for Native American and South American cultures, as well as the many others which enrich the modern shamanism movement. That is precisely why we do not borrow from them. Appropriating from the sacred rites of other cultures can be disrespectful as well as ineffective.

Do I have to be English to do it?

Absolutely not. We're happy if people find that they connect with the animals and land in our tradition, no matter where they live.

Can I become a member of the Apple Branch?

Yes. Anyone may choose to join the Apple Branch tradition. This costs nothing and you can do it alongside any other path. The book is designed to give you information on our way of doing things, but also ideas that you can use in your own practice whether you join or not.

How much is the book?

The paperback is £10.99. The images inside are black and white - this was to keep the costs down from around £50 a book! A full-colour PDF is also available through Lulu for £5.99, and a Kindle edition from Amazon for around 5.99 (they set the price in dollars, so it may vary in some countries depending on the day's exchange rate).

I have more questions!

We're always happy to help with questions, so ask on our facebook group or email us at applebranchuk@gmail.com.